Home Clearance

Your house clearance company in the Netherlands

House clearance when moving, emigrating or after death. Snelontruiming helps you to empty the house. Call us on 088 – 80 40 355. Or fill in the form right away. You will receive a message from us shortly. We work fast, are reliable and cheap!

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Snelontruiming solves the practical part: packing and transporting things, removing carpet or wallpaper, filling holes in the walls, removing lamps, curtains and curtain rails, etc. etc. Snelontruiming offers a delivery guarantee. This means that the delivery inspection by the lessor will be 100% approved.

If necessary, we arrange the parking exemption at the Municipality and we have a moving lift to get things down quickly and efficiently. If the house has to be empty within a certain time, we adjust our schedule accordingly. If there is a delivery inspection from the landlord or broker, we look together at what is needed for this.

Choose Snelontruiming for your home clearing. Whether you need a full clearance service or need to remove a few items then Snelontruiming can help. We have worked on many house clearances. If you need the loft, basement, garden or garage cleared at the same time, that is no problem at all. Don’t hesitate to call us when you have questions.


Procedure for clearance of rental properties
Snelontruiming will come to you without obligation. Together with you we walk through the house: which items are going away and where do you want them to go? A transparent quotation will follow soon. This way you know exactly what it costs and which possible date. After approval, the clearance will be scheduled (often the same week) and we get to work for you. We deliver broom clean; all loose items will be removed from the (rental) property and all areas will be swept clean. Are you in a hurry? Call us immediately.

Home clearances for properties of all shapes and sizes

No matter how large or small your home is, our professional clearance team can remove anything you no longer wish to keep, including:

  • Furniture, sofas, electrical items and white goods
  • Personal effects, beds & wardrobes, bric-a-brac, clothes and ornaments
  • Rubbish Removal, junk, household waste, clutter, and hazardous materials
  • Heavy and bulky items including pianos and safes

We can collect items from any location on your property, from the corner of your garden to the depths of your basement, so there’s no need for you to pack up or prepare before we arrive.

How much does home clearance cost?

Our prices vary depending on the labour, vehicles, and recycling or disposal charges involved. You will always get an free quotation before the clearance starts

Additional services

In some cases, complete house clearance is just one part of a longer process. After our team has driven away, you may need to get your property thoroughly cleaned, or get the garden mowed and tidied. We offer a broad range of services to help with either of these situations and more, meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors. These services include:

  • Cleaning, sweep through or deep clean
  • Gardens cut back and tidied
  • Properties ‘dressed’ for sale
  • Secure document and hard drive destruction
  • House contents valuations for probate
  • Vehicles removed

Many of our clients are arranging a house clearance for the first time, and they can be dealing with difficult circumstances such as bereavement. No matter the situation, call us for some free advice—we are here to help.

Why choose for Snelontruiming?

  • Get started quickly
  • Our customers give us a
  • Family business with many years of experience
  • Customized personal serviceHouse Clearance
  • We deliver home and business clearances throughout the Netherlands
  • We deliver your property broom clean and unfurnished
  • We ensure sustainable disposal and reuse as much of the contents as possible
  • We take care of small removals 
  • Can also be used for small demolition and / or dismantling work

Get a free instant online estimate for your home clearance. Call 088 – 80 40 355.  Or fill in the form above.